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Friday, January 9

You must own this!

some time ago, my esteemed colleague and sometimes archrival 'R Dub' posted that he had on his site the greatest thing ever. It was this. However, I have done the leg work and contacted the right people to be able to offer ... exclusively to my readers... this! You know what, never mind. Maybe this is what you really need instead. God bless technology! Thank me later, lono

Thursday, January 8

the whole immigration thing

CNN reports today that dozens more companies are moving all their tech jobs overseas. The companies in question are not worried about taking away those great jobs from America's workforce. Nor are they concerned about a public outcry from American consumers when we see we are being fleeced. Oh no, the corporations are only concerned the government may get mad at them. Here, let them explain it So the really great high paying jobs in this country are walking out the door. Yet, people are pissed about Bush's proposal to legitimize some of the 8 million illegal immigrants living and working in this country. Story here. Here is where I get frustrated. Let's talk about the first little piece of the horrible horrible myth that denigrates the wonderful Hispanic Mexican workers that have been the backbone of the Southwest. "They are taking jobs away from Americans". Well, I won't even go into the 'but these are jobs Americans don't want and won't do' defense. It's moot because what the president is suggesting (in what must be the first case of me ever agreeing with our administration) is to allow the immigrants ALREADY working in the United States to be acknowledged. Even if you are one of those Republicans who are afraid of minorities I can make you undetstand it too - BIGGER TAX BASE. No American will lose a single job because jobs aren't being created, it's a jobless recovery - unless you are in the defense sector. We just want to take some of the 8 million hard working people and say "Hey thanks. Great work. We appreciate you. How about getting you some rights and health care, and in trade you kick in taxes. Fair?" But this is what truly cheeses me. All the really good jobs, the ones you do want... they are flying overseas daily. Today CNN reports that big companies are moving everything overseas and the only concern they have is if the government is going to get upset. Now, the corporations have a right to do this... and logically it is their duty to protect and maximize profit. But where is the outrage from Americans? Instead of crying "the Mexicans took my job" why don't you try this "You know, Sam, I stopped buying all IBM products since they moved all the factories and call centers overseas. I simply can't see the purpose of rewarding companies that ship jobs and economies overseas when we have such a competent workforce here". If enough people said stuff like that, and voted with their pocketbooks, then maybe cars might be made in America again. Maybe you could call your internet provider and not be talking to someone in Canada who has never seen a computer. Here is what the head of HP thinks of your precious job market: "There is no job that is America's God-given right anymore," Carly Fiorina, chief executive for Hewlett-Packard Co., said Wednesday. "We have to compete for jobs." . Again, she has a perfectly valid point. But here is what I say - guess what HP... you have to compete for my business and this is not a great way to start! In conclusion, the Mexicans and other immigrant groups are not coming and taking any jobs with Bush's proposal. These are jobs already occupied. The reason why you are losing your job, or perhaps the reason why I got laid off three times in 16 months is because the jobs we want are being taken away and being moved off shore where people will work harder for less money. These are companies who are being given monster tax breaks (meaning, they don't pay taxes) because they promise and offer jobs and stability to the American economy. So realize that, in effect as a tax payer, you are paying IBM and HP to work out of India because your taxes subsidize them. Frankly the worst thing you could possibly do right now is buy one of their products. Don't reinforce this bullshit. Send them a letter telling them you will buy their products again when they move their labor force back to America. Also, say something like you are the chief purchasing agent for a growing company... it sounds more impressive and threatening. If you don't stand up to these corporations, and the governments that coddle them... then soon you can move to Southern California and fight for one of the jobs the Mexicans "took": picking fruit for $3 an hour in 100 degree heat for 12 hour shifts. If this brain drain continues, brother... those are going to be the only jobs left. So - 8 million working people being added to the tax base = good. All the tech jobs leaving the country = bad. geesh, I sure complain a lot don't I? It's only cause I care.