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Thursday, April 19

Friday Fives

1. What's a song you'd enjoy screaming along to as you drove down the highway?

Dylan. I can't sing at all, but I can nail early Dylan, the wailing years of Blood on the Tracks (1974). Yeah, with the windows up and the diesel running down the road as I caterwaul 'Tangled up in Blue' at the top of my lungs.

2. What is your favorite place/type of environment to relax?

at home, the basement. It is where the guitars and computer are. Outside of home, anywhere in the woods. What qualifies as woods? Hmmm, how about more trees than people?

3. What are the best kind of dreams?

the kind where I can fly. I haven't done it in years, but I used to be able to do it in short bursts. There is a stage in dreaming called 'lucid dreaming'. What this is is when you realize in the dream... that you are dreaming. Then, with a lot of practice and patience, you can control the storyline of your dream. I am totally serious. It only works in deep REM, and took me years to achieve. Haven't done it since college. I haven't had the patience to work on it. Of course, I haven't had LSD since college, either.

4. If you had to start your life all over, what are three things you would change?

I would have paid more attention in school, given more respect to my community, and bought a house the second I was able to. Now, can we talk about Charlotte and Mirna on the Amazing Race? It drives me insane that no matter what country they are in, the affect this retarded accent that they seem to feel makes them more understandable. It is worse than dumb, because it is patronizing. I just hate both of them. I want them gone gone gone!

5. Do you have a lucky charm?

my wife