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Wednesday, November 22

Thanksgiving travel thoughts

This week I am traveling for the holiday, as is apparently every other human on the planet. I was reviewing the security guidelines to see if I can bring those little plastic whiskey bottles on the plane. Doesn't look good, ever since this summer the liquid restrictions. Anyhow, that isn't my point here... just a belabored intro.

The airlines aren't concerned about what you put on the plane, just what you have on you in the cabin. The message seems to be this: listen, if you are going to bring a bomb... we have to put it in the cargo hold. Wow, risky comment huh? I sure the TSA doesn't read my blog. Oh wait, no one reads my blog. Well, at least I have that going for me.

Know what else cheeses me off? The shoe thing. There isn't a sign asking you to take your shoes off. You are not 'required' to take your shoes off. However, if you do not take your shoes off you are stopped and asked to remove your shoes. This is a problem in a long line. So how about this? Put a fucking sign up in front of security that says 'please remove your shoes to expedite screening'. That is all I ask. There will be a Friday Fives this week, but it may delayed. Am not sure if they have this here 'internets' thing in New York City.

I love you, have a great holiday! In fact, for the two readers I do have... I will see you tomorrow at the big parade!