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Friday, July 22

Friday Fives

1. Are you more comfortable being the new kid or the experienced one?

I dig learning, and don't do it nearly enough. Plus, I like watching others work as I learn. Learnin's better on my back. So, I would say the new kid.

2. When is the last time you were the new kid?

at Echostar, my last employer. Man, talk about 'fish out of water'. That place was evil, and I am a very fun and strange person. Echostar was just not a good fit, and I was never at home there... even after a year. Eventually, I got laid off because they moved our plant to Mexico. Now that I am back here, with the employer I started with 8 years ago. We are in the middle of a seriously huge merger right now, and I just might get bumped up to Lawnmower Techinician 3. That is, if that dick Nathan ever leaves to be an inventor like he has promised to for 6 years now.

3. If we met face to face, right now, what would my first impression be of you?

short. fat. bald. flat footed. left handed. near-sighted. Ladies, shall we start the bidding now?

4. Who is the last person you said goodbye to? Clarissa, this morning. She was visiting from Texas and is leaving today.

5. Joey, Jordan, Donnie, Danny or Jon? WTF?