Liberals treat dogs like people, Conservatives treat people like dogs

Saturday, January 3

the Dead Pool > update

Well, it appears that I won the Dead Pool for 2003. I am not sure how to take this, but my guess is that pride might cost me a couple of points in the afterlife. Here is my guesses for 2004, but may they all live long to disappoint me: William Manchester Jesse Helms Richard Pryor Prince Rainer Charlton Heston The Pope Rosa Parks Rodney Dangerfield Fred Hale Cris Kirkwood

Friday Fives

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . . 1. NFL play offs starting at 2 2. ...over the next week? the Broncos game on Sunday 3. ...this year? going to England in a couple of months 4. ...over the next five years? moving closer to, or into, the woods - and paying off my truck 5. ...for the rest of your life? same as above via Friday Fives.

Tuesday, December 30

Van Hagar

It's damn near official > Van Halen are back together with Sammy Hagar. Sadly, David Lee Roth was available for comment: "I am still checking my caller ID. I am sure they would have called me first. I must have missed the call while I was at my therapists office. That band is nothing without me, I made them. This one time I even wrote a lyric that got onto an album for the band". A press statement was released by Roth's union, T.S.H.O.R.C. (talentless singers hanging on and riding coattails) better known as the Courtney Love foundation and read by Roger Daltrey of the Who "both myself and Stevie Nicks are mortified that a better qualified and more talented individual was chosen to lead Van Halen. When Ringo finds out about this, he is going to hit the ceiling!"