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Thursday, July 5

Friday Fives

1. Describe how you’re feeling using lyrics from an 80s band.

I'd have to go with some Journey, here. Let's look at the lyrics from 'Faithfully'.
They say that the road Aint no place to start a family
Right down the line Its been you and me
And lovin a music man Aint always what its supposed to be
Oh girl you stand by me Im forever yours...faithfully

Though I am not a traveling rock star, if I were... I would be wistful like this. You know those people who wear little rope bracelets with the letters WWJD? What that stands for is 'What would Journey do?' Just like Bon Jovi's 'Dead or Alive' or all the way back to Bob Seger's 'Turn the Page'. Yes, I would be a forlorn rocker sending my song across a lonely radio across a midnight channel.

2. What album or song in your collection do you hate to admit that you love?

my biggest guilty passion vice song is Shania Twain's 'Still the One'. Specifically, the live version from (I think) MusicCares. It is a great catchy, catchy, and she is incredibly and irresistibly hot.

3. What album or song makes you feel like doing naughty things?

naughty like sexy or naughty like bad to society? Let's go with the secondc choice here. Anything by Eminem makes me want to do things that stick it to the man.

4. What album or song do you listen to while doing naughty things?

fielding this, I would refer to the first definition of naughty above. I don't have a hi fi in the bedroom, and frankly don't need the distraction.

5. If you were in a band, what would it be called?

Wild Stallyn. Though sort of taken already, their message was better than Jesus' > Be Excellent to Each Other, and have a great weekend!

This week's fives borrowed from these fine folks

Tuesday, July 3

Big News

In an effort to class this site up and get some real visability, I have taken a big step to legitimize my site. You know how you always want to refer your friends to this site, but it is too cumbersome to remember the name? Good news, robots, I have softened up the process for you. You can now find our site by simply typing in sweet bippity! You are welcome!

* editors note: I tried to score sweet sassy, but alas... it is taken. I can only hope they bring the beauty and truth to that URL that I will surely bring here to Sweet Bippity®!

Monday, July 2

Impeach the President

Begin here. Write your Congressperson. Now, write your Senator. Please remember, these people work for you. You are their employer. Cut this shit out now. Cheney's treasonous secrecy and Bush's commutation of Libby (which was regarding Cheney's treasonous secrecy) are just the latest examples of their untouchable mentality.

Or, you may write to mine.

Congressman Tom Tancredo

Senator Ken Salazar

Here is an extra bonus. My congressman, Tancredo, is running for President right now.

bonus update, from Joe Biden's website... call the White House yourself. Seriously.


You may also reach out to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, old leather faced Nancy Pelosi herself. Website with contact info is here. Remember, y'all, these douchebags work for us. Make them accountable

Joel Siegel RIP

Joel Siegel died this week, and so I am finally posting in his honor. I have meant to do this for years, but I guess never got around to it. Joel Siegel was a move reviewer for some sham rag. I say that because he endorsed only the absolutely worst movies possible. Literally, when looking for a movie to see, I know to avoid the one with Siegel's name. When no one would or could compliment a movie, in jumped Siegel with some shit like "this summer's feel good romp!".

It is terrible for his family and friends that he has died. However, it is a boon to the movie going public. What is a shame is that I didn't have this piece up years ago, like I meant to. Everytime his name came up, it was the worst piece of crap movie in the theatres. "Joel Siegel raves 'Captain Ron' is the zany romp that this summer needs!". "Joel Siegel says a good time will be at by all that this summer's surprise hit".

Honestly, I thought the dude was on the movie company's payrolls to deliver fluff for them. Now that he is dead, that is a strong and unfair accusation. However, I urge you to go and find a Sunday paper from anytime in the last ten years and see what that dude endorsed. I'll betcha a buck that Herby 'fully Loaded' is in there, and 'From Kelly to Justin' is in there too. Know what else? Probably every single Keanu Reeves film ever. Geesh, how is that guy still making films? Ok, enough mean picking on a dead guy. Still, he has to be held accountable to his readers... just as I to you.

Proof? OK, what movies are widely regarded as the worst in history? Ishtar is one, and Waterworld is probably regarded as the other. Siegel endorsed them both! How about Gigli? I am going to go ahead and personally accuse him of endorsing that film... though it isn't documented