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Thursday, June 15

Friday Fives

1. Growing up, what was your favorite comic strip?

Bloom County. That became Outland, briefly... and is now simply 'Opus'.

2. Have you ever served on jury duty? What happened.

um, no. I have been called a few times. Once was in college, so I weaseled out of it. Since then, each time I get called I am dismissed before selection.

3. What is your favorite bumper sticker or T-shirt expression?

it is a quote that isn't yet on a bumper sticker nor t-shirt. It is from a co-worker Brian Wright - "To err is human, but still against company policy"

4. When leaving a room, do you turn off the lights or leave the lights on throughout the house when you are home? Why?

Lights off. My father indoctrinated that well into me.

5. What one word best describes your father (special bonus father's day question.)

Was a good dad, is a good Dad. I was terrified of him, of course. He loves us and raised us well. It is one of those things where I wish we were less distant, and could chat regulardy. He is in Phoenix still, and asks about you all the time.