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Thursday, September 27

We have moved

Hey all,
we have moved. Please redirect your bad selves to this stop, and bookmark us.

It's the same URL, just a different server. thanks!

Tuesday, September 25

a sneak peak

Hey all,

I have some exciting things coming up this fall. Firstly, we are going to move to a new publishing format called 'wordpress'. This should be a better looking and better navigating experience for everyone. Here is a very early taste of the site I am building. click here.

What's next? We are going worldwide. I am going to launch this site to England in the coming weeks. When? It depends how much time I have, but I assure you all this is coming... and happening as we speak. I am looking forward to your feedback. Just kidding. Ok, you know I am.

In fact, the new site is pretty much built. I just want it to be perfect before I have the official housewarming.

Monday, September 24

what was that?

Did you watch the Broncos game yesterday? What was that? We got whooped! I was actually quite happy with our offense. My concern was with the defense. We have the worst run defense, and everyone knows it. This is a crucial thing for us, because EVERY team HAS to run on us. Why? Because you can't throw deep against the Broncos. Our cornerbacks are Dre Bly and Champ Bailey. You simply can not throw it anywhere near either of them, because they will take it. Every team knows this. So, what do they do? They can use the tight end, or the running game.

Well, John Lynch will kill you if you play up the middle. I don't mean 'kill you' as a metaphor. Ever seen him hit? He will kill you. So, what teams have left is the running game. To me, this is a huge advantage. Why? Because we KNOW every team is going to run on us. Every play, every team... it's going to be a run. Knowing that should make it easy to defend, right?

Geesh, even their QB (a second stringer, mind you) ran all over us. Pack the line, blitz the QB. Force our opponents to throw. Then, the secondary will do all the work of containing a passing game. Ok? Let's recap. If you are the Denver Broncos, teams are going to run on you. It's the only thing they can do. As a result, we must be prepared. How? Stack the line and blitz the QB. Force them to throw the ball.

Lastly, I want to not criticize the coaching on that risky fourth quarter pass play on fourth down when we were on the 4 yard line. Remember that? We passed it to Brandon Marshall but he just barely missed it? Then, he spiked the ball and got called for unsportsmanlike conduct? The talking heads were giving us shit for taking such a risk on 4th down, since we dropped the pass.

However, had he caught that pass, those same talking heads would have said "See, that is the genius of Mike Shanahan! He has the vision to take those risks, and that's what makes a winner!". Plus, we were way too far behind to simply punt and pray. Our backs were to the wall and we needed a ballsy and risky solution. Cutler executed it perfectly too, and it was Marshall's first drop of the day. Now, we are playing the Colt's this weekend. Man, that will be good TV: Marvin Harrison vs Champ Bailey. Bring it on, just don't run on us.