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Thursday, June 22

Friday Fives

1. What strikes your fancy: zoo, circus, carnival, county fair or parade?

gee, I'd say I like all of those things. Also, those are all things I don't do terribly often. I was in a parade last weekend, that was cool.

2. What's your all time favorite town or city?

a tie between San Diego and Seattle.

3. What's the most dangerous situation you encountered? How did you handle it?

is that like, what is the most scaredest I have ever been? I can't think of anything too traumatizing. I guess I have lived a lily white life so far. Oh wait, I remember. We were coming home when I was a kid from a Boy Scout activity for me or my brothers. Someone was in the process of robbing our house at the time. Apparently, my mother has balls of steel.

That being said, she trapped the burglars in the driveway by parking her station wagon directly behind it so they couldn't get out (the driveway was surrounded by irrigation burms). Note: We were in said station wagon at the time. She locked the doors and told us to stay down. She then ran over to the neighbors house and called the police. They then caught the bad guys quickly after. Pretty fucked up, huh! I totally respect my mom for doing that though. We were always safe, and she totally screwed the bad guys.

4. Describe a time when you "learned that lesson the hard way."

A better question might be to think of a time when I didn't have to learn a lesson the hard way. How is that for a cop out?

5. If you were booked on Letterman, what would your "Stupid Human Trick" be?

I can balance on my mountain bike (Otto) with just my feet on the front wheel

As always, this week's Fives compliments of Majikwah (Roy)

Monday, June 19

Batshit Crazy

This is a term Hunter Thompson used to use for folks like the guy below. This guy is explaining to Congress and Homeland Security that their is a Government helicopter in his back yard spying on him. This is too surreal to explain further. Careful, this guy flies into a crazed tailspin of angry verbiage at the end... so keep the volume low at work.

As seen on

Man, talk about someone in need of a good smackin!