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Friday, June 18

Friday Fives

1. Describe your handwriting in one word. Doctor-like 2. What would you never, ever wear? the color orange 3. What are you going to drink this weekend? Try to find a picture of it so we can all salivate at work. vodka, less calories and supposedly gentler hangover 4. Which bands or artists do you absolutely loathe? I find almost the entirety of Country and Electronica to be intolerable. Old country is cool though, like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Music was good before videos, because people didn't have to be pretty, just talented. Geesh, that is possibly the most obvious and overused cultural assesment ever to find it's way onto these pages. I promise to be more insightful and obscure going forward. 5. What words always creep you out or bug you? penis - a terribly yucky word, and does no justice to thefamily jewel via Roy click on comments and add your own Friday Five answers

Thursday, June 17

I owe thanks to George W Bush

Dear reader, we have spent too much time and energy on the negative. To be frank, my life is great, and actually a bit better than it was four years ago (mind you, this is after 3 lay offs). So, please allow me to celebrate what George Bush has done for me and my family. Where to start? George Bush has made me watch the news George Bush has made me read the paper George Bush has made me write my congress person George Bush has made me angrier than I ever have been George Bush has got me into politics George Bush has got me into the internet George Bush has got me into writing George Bush has got me into edititing George Bush has got me my own web page George Bush has gotten people to vote George Bush has done wonders for the publishing industry So I thank you, Mr appointed president. If it weren't for him, I'd be sitting at home all happy and bored and content. Before George Bush, no one gave a shit about politics or process. Even my mom supported Bush, until she found out he was closing the veteran's hospitals and cutting all veteran health benefits.

Tuesday, June 15

are you kidding me?

You may have wondered how far up the ladder the CU recruiting scandal goes. You may have wondered how in the world Gary Barnett didn't get fired (read the second piece down) after investigations showed him responsible for many of the reprehensible acts going on through the years. They even have proof of Barnett covering up rapes. Dear reader, we now the extent of the damage... it goes all the way to the top. CU President Elizabeth Hoffman is responsible for the culture of sexist tolerance and must be removed from office. How do I know this? I know this from a little gem of a statement made by Ms. Hoffman this afternoon where she defends the use of the 'C' word. The word is so vile, that I myself in conversation with other guys while drinking and playing poker still call it the 'C' word. President Hoffman said this "it can be used towards women as a term of endearment".

Go ahead, get a glass of water. Come back and read that last sentence again. You might want to know she is talking about a rape victim. Instead of condemning the rape, or the players who raped her, or how she was treated... she defended the football players who raper her. After you have done that, pick up your phone and call your congressman to demand her resignation. Why? Because this is a public school, which means you pay her salary.

This sort of genius of public relations reminds me when Arizona Governor Evan Mecham defended his use of the term 'pickaninny' to describe blacks as a 'Term of Endearment'. True story, and he was promptly run out of office between indictments and a recall. Lemme tell you friends, this isn't about the thought police or being politically correct. This is social intolerance that belongs nowhere at no time. Now, why don't you drop her a line at and tell her what you think. Then, drop the Denver Post a line at I pray when you read this that it is national news and you are tired of hearing about it. Now, drop a line to the Univeristy itself here at If not, please send this to everyone you know. I don't even need the traffic, just copy & paste the words. Maybe give her a call at 303-492-6201, at press time (5 pm Tuesday) her voice mail was still accepting messages. Go ahead and call her, you can bill it to my house. * correction, I mis-spelled the e mail address for her. It has been corrected.