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Tuesday, September 27

Go have some fun!

Know what? I complain way too much. Life is great and I am happy. Why, because I can spend hours of time at sites like this. That is right, that is how I made this supercool and decently real looking sign:

Try it, it's super fun. Oh, and if that doesn't offend the guy next to you, try this site. That's right, good times at the office. Especially if you have access to a color printer like I do.

That's right, bubba. Stop working now. Trust me, your tombstone will never say 'I wish I spent more time at the office'.

as my good friend Roy says> Here, go, Do!

Sunday, September 25

I'm worried about Dr. Laura

I don't listen to Dr. Laura, k? I am totally above that, and find her messages almost universally partonizing. I mean, that is what I might have said if I listened occasionally which I totally don't! Anyhow, I am worried about her.

In the old days, Dr Laura would patiently listen to a caller. Then, after careful concern and forethought... she would explain that the problem is you are a terrible parent. After that, she would delineate why you were a bad parent. Make no mistake, the fault lies with you.

I was cool with that, though... because it was her bit. People called in wanting some kind of spiritual lashing from the godmother of Christian based guilt and shame. Things have since changed. Now, when folks call in she pretty much cust them off immediately. About 30 seconds into each call, she gives this speech: I don't know why you are still talking. You called me, remember. If you don't want to hear what I think, just be quiet so others listening can listen to me. Are you done? No, ok, well we will have to put her on hold so I can explain to you that she was a bad parent. In fact, all of you are bad parents. Maybe if you spent more time with your kids than listening to talk radio, you wouldn' be such a failure*

* ok, I made that last part up. She just says you are a bad parent and you should quit school/job/life etc. I don't mind her shallow judgemental rantings. That is her thing, everyone knows it. Let's keep in mind though that this is the same woman who took photos of herself naken with the man she was cheating on her husband with. Remember that little gem?

Long story short, I am just afraid she may have lost her tolerance for intolerance.