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Saturday, July 3

The Clinton Book

So, I read the Clinton book. ok, I listened to the Clinton book... six and a half hours of audio CDs read by the author himself. I enjoyed it. I should preface by saying I like Clinton, so I expected to enjoy it. However, it was alarming in his lack of candor about all the scandals. He only mentions a scandal if he was exonerated of it. The book is basically just 6 hours of him touting his accomplisments in office, which were considerable. I wanted to hear more about: the missing Rose Law firm billing records, travelgate, Gennifer Flowers, and all the other hoes. I say that last sentence with fairness, because in referring to the Lewinski issue he says "his old demons returned". What demons Bill? For shit sake, man... we have 900 pages here, so dish a little. Dude is most famous poon hound in history... I want tales of debauchery! All in all I very much dug it, but what else does one do on a 12 hour drive across Wyoming and Utah? As I said above, Clinton narrarates himself. He has a great speaking voice. I got it at King Soopers for $20 the night before we left (impulse buy). Should you buy it? Nah, just borrow mine.

Friday, July 2

Coming Soon - Many Dispatches from the road

stay tuned here. Soon we'll have exciting posts about Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Seattle. Also, we listened to the entire Clinton Book, and took an insano helicopter ride over the Oregon coast. If you are good, plenty of pictures too. It will be a day or so at least, we have some drinks here... and tomorrow the Dead play with the Allmans at the Gorge. Keep my dogs and plants alive, ok? Have been driving 10 hours a day though, so just be happy with your Friday Fives, ok? I'll leave you with this great quote to think about in my absence: The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco - Mark Twain

Friday Fives

1. What movie does everyone seem to love, but you just can't bring yourself to see? Casablanca. Supposed to be the best film ever, but looks boring as hell to me. Maybe I have been desensitized by too much Jerry Bruckheimer, but it looks like a chick flick from here. 2. Which cartoon or comic book character is your least favorite? Squidward, from Spongebob. I mean, I know it's just a kid show... but that guy is a dick to Spongebob. 3. Which pop culture phenomenons do you think will officially "jump the shark" this year? Brittney Spears, and Republicans 4. What are some popular things that you just don't get? see the above, please 5. And now -- what's your favorite line from a movie? Almost every line from 'Fish Called Wanda' comes to mind. My absolute favorites are so expletive laden (and feature Kevin Kline) that if I dare mentioned them here we'd all be proxied from this site for life from Roy

Sunday, June 27

Dispatches from the Road - 1

So, yesterday, I was at the salt flats outside of Salt Lake City. This is the place where they do all the landspeed records. It looks like the desert, but the ground is... you guessed it... salt! There was no earth, there was no dirt. Everything underfoot was white salt, as far down as you can see. As you can imagine, I licked my finger and touched the ground and tasted it. It was salt, not earth. Frankly, this freaks me out. Then, I remembered something. Utah is a great hub of religious crazies. Don't worry, I am not singling out our Latter Day friends at all. It is just where I happened to be yesterday so it was on my mind. I vaguely remember something about the bible, where god was super angry at someone and turned them into a pillar of salt. Isn't that right? Was that Gomorrah or something? Anyhow, I think god found out about this latter day saint gibberish and went on a smoting spree across the land here. Seriously, take a look at a map and find the Great Salt Lake. See if it is anywhere near an ocean, then see if there is anything like that in the world. God is angry with Utah, my friends... an in no short time the good people of Utah will be angry with me. Am in Tahoe now, will write again in a few days from San Francisco.