Liberals treat dogs like people, Conservatives treat people like dogs

Thursday, February 1

Friday Fives

1. Would you rather have a fun job that doesn't pay well or a boring job that does?

Well, as I get older and more comfortable... I'd have to say it is a toss up. That being said, I'd lean towards the boring job that paid well. My life is certainly not extravagant, but I own a house which is super awesome. I have cable and two nearly wonderful dogs and my most excellent wife. As long as I could maintain these fundamentals... I am flexible about where I work. Oh, and wherever I work has to have coffee.

2. Would you sacrifice your morals for a job?

hmmm. I wish I could tell you about some high moral ground I have, being a Dem and all. However, my employer pays for everything, and keeps me off the streets. I am indebted and appreciative of the opportunity.

3. Would you ever take a job that requires you to be in costume?

How much you payin'?

4. Would you rather Have sex with a mentally ill person to produce a normal kid or have sex with a hot person to produce a mentally ill kid?

The question, as it stands, is ridiculous and demeaning frankly. There is no mention of how attractive the retarded gal is. Let's be practical here.

5. Would you like fries with that?

shit yeah! With ranch, of course. Not that nasty vinegary ranch you get in the packets... nah. Also, the kind in the bottle is a little thick for me. I mean the kind of ranch you get with hot wings. That is the perfect consistancy and sweet flavor of a good ranch. I can't tell you how fond I am of the stuff. I call my generation the 'ranch generation', and I could easily give up ketchup and mustard rather than ranch.

Wednesday, January 31

So, America, how far have we come. In my view, nowhere at all. I don't know much about much, but I have my opinion. I don't know much about black culture, honestly. The closest thingI could pretend to understand is that I follow the NFL closely. Since the atheletes are by and large black (or certainly a greater percentage than in regular society)... I would like to make this year's BHM a meditation on blacks in the NFL.

This Superbowl, we are discussing what a breakthrough it is we have to black coaches in the game. How is that a breakthrough? The sport is dominated by African Americans, so how is it that in the 40th year we had this 'breakthrough' means crap. It is akin to saying, "Well, at least we don't hang black people anymore. That's progress, right?"

No, because it wasn't ever acceptable in the first place. Do you see what I am saying? Just because we are a tiny bit less racist than we were a year ago or ten years ago doesn't make it right. Football is a good jumping off point for this discussion for another reason as well. Did you know that when NFL teams interview for a new coach they have to interview at least one black coach? Regardless of the pool of candidates, each team has to interview one African American for the position.

Frankly, that is retarded... and racist. Frankly, I think you are retarded and racist. Sorry, I just had to turn that phrase. I honestly think that you believe you aren't racist. I honestly think that I think I am not racist. Problem is, we both are. An example of this was in the last election (Nov 2006) there was a black candidate who polled way above the other. Everyone, when asked, said they were going for the black guy (sorry, i don't remember his name). However, when the votes got counted... dude totally lost. See, everyone said he was the better dude, and that they weren't bothered he was black.

When it came down to pulling the voting level... when no one was watching... people chickened out and chose the white guy. even though he was the inferior candidate. Sadly, I have to admit this. As I get older and see more, I am certainly not getting more tolerant either.

CNN is the new Mtv

If you read here, you know that I use CNN as a huge news reference. I love CNN, it's true. I use if for a variety of reasons. One is that CNN is culturally regarded as a safe and unbiased news source. When I say 'CNN says... you are a doofus', that carries some weight. With all the news sources out there, I could get anything I wanted substantiated... anything. In fact, there is a site that let's you write and publish you own press releases. What is terrific about this site is that it then becomes searchable by google news. I could type a story that says 'Jay Z had sex with my dog' and it becomes a google news source.

To make my point, I did just that. Go ahead and go to google news and type in 'jay z dog sex' and see what comes up. So when I choose CNN to validate a story, it is to lend ethos and credibility to the tale. My concern is this, CNN doesn't show news anymore.

I have 900 cable channels through the good people at Comcast. All I want is one CNN Headline news. I just want one channel that does nothing but news that isn't Fox news. For most of my life, that was CNN's Headline news. Now, it has become a 'newstainment' channel. Btw, I now own that phrase I just invented there... so don't touch it. Let's look at what is on the 'news' tonight. Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck, Student News, Showbiz Tonight. I deeply dislike Nancy Grace and her tabloid style, but that isn't my point. My point is that I can't watch the news. 900 bleepin' channels and I can't watch the news.

Hey you meatheads at CNN, if I wanted to newstainment®, I would watch E. Or, anyone of about 30 other channels I could choose from (Biography, People, ABC) etc. Everyone on the planet is serving up newstainment®. I want news, and I can't watch my local affiliate. All they cover is local murder stories, too depressing. Please please please CNN, give my back my news. You may also note the Weather Channel has been trending in this direction as well. I used to get several minutes of full screen weather info, now I get a crawl on the bottom of the screen while Jim Cantore makes out with hurricane victims.

Monday, January 29

Idea for a pilot

CSIN&Y > four aging rockers solve crimes while on tour. More than brilliant, but it gets that super critical male 38-52 demographic that advertisers crave.