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Friday, September 23

Friday Fives

1) What is the most fun thing you have done this summer?

hmm. The annual vacation was most excellent. We bought a truck and a horse trailer, that was pretty cool. I killed a bum. The best stuff was probably having so many very close friends in from out of town. Just about every colllege roommate was here, and it meant a lot to me (since the trial).

2) What are you listening to now?

two things: I am heavy back into Dylan with these new releases. Also, I am just getting big into soft rocker David Gray. Tyler was jamming this shit down my throat years ago, and I thought it was crap. I was wrong, this is great songcrafting and amazing singing. Remember Billy Joel? Well, this guy is Billy Joel without a car in your front room!

3) In what state do you live?

The state of perpetual bliss. Samsara. Nirvana. Heaven. Denial. Psychedelic. Parker, CO

4) Last book/s you read?

Probably was Hunter Thompson's 'Kingdom of Fear'. However, right now I am reading 'Them', which is a memoir of this guy who just travels with insano people and documents their causes (every cause you can think of).

5) Are you ready for fall?

hell yeah, summer sucked because Denver was over 100 degrees and we don't have AC at the house. Fall rocks! The air is crisp and cold. Sleeping in gets much easier. The trees and mountains start to get beautiful. We have the next two weekends planned on the road in the Rockies to dig the foliage. Stay away from my house, I am leaving the ill tempered parrots to watch the house.

As always, no thanks to Roy for this week's Fives because he spaced them again. Here's a hint: We have an opening for a Friday Five researcher who doesn't spend his Thursdays huffing Scotch Guard.

Wednesday, September 21

the Kate Moss scandal

I have been cleared by legal to finally discuss publically the Kate Moss cocaine scandal. Turns out, Kate Moss has been doing peruvian modeling powder and got caught. The fashion world is freaked out, and she lost a buttload of endorsements. How do they think she stayed at 85 pounds? A supermodel doing blow is NOT a scandal. Frankly, a supermodel not doing blow is a scandal. I mean, why wouldn't you do blow if you were them? They have unlimited money, partying is a legitimate part of their duties, and they have to stay impossibly thin to stay employed?

I think it is time to start testing American models. If they test negative to blow, they lose their contract. On the other hand, that might explain why Kate Moss was in the alley behind my house selling car speakers last weekend. Weird.