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Friday, March 30

Friday Fives

1. Have you ever taken a red-eye (i.e., overnight) flight, train, or bus? Why or why not? Do you prefer to take a red-eye or travel during the day?

all of the above. Mostly, the very long trips are the drive from Denver to Phoenix. We do it at night always. The roads are empty, and so way faster. Plus, driving 600 miles across the high desert at top speed is terrible thing to do to a car. It is cooler at night, so that is another rationalization.

More interestingly, though, the wife and I took and over night train trip across Spain on our honeymoon. We had our own sleeper cabin, we drank a lot of wine and had lots of train sex. I strongly recommend both!

2. What makes your eyes red? When was the last time you had red eyes?

nothin. I got great and strong eyes. I mean, I have to wear glasses and all, but I have never had eye problems.

3. Have you ever had pink eye? If yes, tell us a bit more about it.

who cares? Are these the worst Friday Fives ever? What's the deal with red today? I hate that color. Know what's funny, though? Red is probably my least favorite color. Know what my favorite is....? Burgundy. How is that possible? They are like cousins.

4. What makes you see red?

people who still think the Republican vision of letting big business do whatever they want and assume that will somehow trickle down to the working class.

5. What was the last thing your eyes read (besides these questions)?

How to Win Friends and Influence People. by Dale Carnegie. Just kidding, it was Rolling Stone on the shitter this morning.

Now, it is your turn. What are your answers to today's fives? Leave them in comments.

Thursday, March 29

This Iran thing

Hey all, I am concerned about the situation with Iran... and that no one seems to be talking much about it. See, Iran grabbed some British soldiers saying they were trespassing in Iranian waters. It has since been proved they were in Iraqi waters, and so were taken unjustly. Here is the big concern... Iran still has them, and won't give them back.

These aren't prisoners... these are hostages. HOSTAGES! That is serious shit, my friends... and everyone is afraid to drop the 'h' bomb. It gets worse, the Iranians said that they would release the one woman they took as long as Britain doesn't go to the UN about this. Remind you of anything? Like, when the bad guys say "if I see any cops, we kill the girl" in every crime movie. That is what Iran has just said. If we call the cops (involve the UN) they will keep her also as a hostage.

See, Iran hates us. They hate Britain, they hate America, and they hate you. Whatever, they are totally allowed that. I hate them. The thing is, they have nuclear capabilities. Understand that Britain and us are very very very close allies. To kidnap a Brit is akin militarily to kidnapping an American... bad idea. CNN just updated the fact that Britain DID go to the UN. This is big stuff, folks. This is bigger, to me at least, then what is happening in Iraq. See, we knew Iraq didn't have WMDs... that is why we went in there. We went in there to stomp their asses before they could build any. Well, Iran does have WMDs... which is why we are afraid to go in there and stomp their asses.

So what is my solution? I don't pretend to understand foreign policy on any level, but this is what I would do. Give Iran until close of business Sunday night to release all of the hostages unconditionally. Otherwise, we go in and stomp their asses Monday morning. I don't think this should be dragged out for months or for years. Those Brits were serving their country and were unfairly and unjustly kidnapped.