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Friday, December 12

Friday Five's

1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays? Yes, very much. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ so I still get excited when I see snow 2. What is your ideal holiday celebration? How, where, with whom would you celebrate to make things perfect? The ideal holiday for me would be to get my family together with my wife's family for a long weekend at their ranch in Northern Arizona 3. Do you do have any holiday traditions? Yes, for Christmas eve we have a big party. This started small but has grown every year. So many of us have family out of town that it is great to spend time with friends 4. Do you do anything to help the needy? Not nearly as much as I could, but I am going to school with the Red Cross in the new year to be a trained disaster relief specialist 5. What one gift would you like for yourself? a pony via Friday Fives.

Thursday, December 11

Is Scientology evil?

Well that is up to you to decide. Are they a cult? Without question they are a cult, and a very litigious one. What brought this to my attention is a story of an Australian farmer who was bilked out of $230,000 by a Scientology owned dating service called 'Affinity International'. When the farmer was told he wasn't having any luck, the personal dating advisor offered to quit the service and move in with him, but only if he ponied up and additional $185,000 to the service. Details on this story are here. Now, generally I would cross reference such a piece as this with some great anti-scientology sites and reading... but this is not a group you cross. Seriously, I'll take on ticketmaster, the white house, god... anything. But, these fuckers are crazy and dangerous. If something remotely unpleasant were to be found here by a search from the Scientology organization...not just would this site be taken down but the whole of 'Blogger' would be crushed. So I encourage you to learn more. Just go to the great folks at google and type in the 'S' word a then something like 'cult' or 'evil' and see what comes up. Charlie Manson doesn't have anything on these folks. The good news is they aren't after you, because you aren't obscenely wealthy.

Wednesday, December 10

The Spirit of Christmas

When I was a kid in school, we did a gift exchange amongst each other. We knew whose name we had. The day before the exchange the kid who had my name had to leave school for a couple of weeks because he was sick. Regrettably, my only thought at the time was 'well then who is going to give me a present?'. The next day I showed up at school all bummed and there was a big present for me, a monstrous Hershey's Kiss... like 3 or 4 pounds! The note inside said 'from a secret santa'. My teacher came up at the end of the day, seeing I was so happy and asked if I knew who the 'secret santa' was. I told her I was sure it was probably my mom. She smiled and agreed. When I got home I told my mom about it and she had no idea what I was talking about. Turns out it was my teacher, Mrs. Moore! That, my friends, is the spirit of Christmas.

Monday, December 8


Well, I won't tell you what the FU stands for, but I will tell you the KC stands for Kansas City (Chiefs). Some time ago, ESPN did a poll on the most hated athletes in history. Deion Sanders was number one and Bill Romanowski was number two. OJ was number seven, and he cut his wife's head off. So that is how personally we take sports. I nominate a new #3. Eddie Kennison of the Chiefs. He is a horrible person who cost his team the game with a big mouth. He should be beaten silly. As for the Portis performance of yesterday, I had him on my fantasy team... so it's all gravy baby. I win again.

* I am about ten years late on this, but in going through my old pieces I realized I did not explain myself well.  Here is why I hate Eddie Kennison.

He was with the Broncos, and quit the team 2 days before game day.  This means his back up got NO time practicing with the quarterbacks.  He said he was quitting the NFL to help his family out and concentrate on them.  Ok, now I am a huge jerk for questioning him.  It is quite noble to give up your dreams to take care of the fam.  Then, a week later, he joined the Chiefs.

So, he had no family troubles
he was not quitting the NFL
he now has our playbook memorized, and is taking it to a division rival, MID SEASON.  How is that allowed?  What is worse is he played really well for the Chiefs. I wish I could tell you he sucked and was cut, but he was great with them.  That is what made me even madder.   So, don't you go mentioned the name Eddie Kennison in my house.

He is a trader, a turncoat, a liar, and a convicted arsonist*

* ok, that last one isn't totally substantiated yet, but I have my suspicions.