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Saturday, February 21

Friday Fives

When was the last time you... 1. ...went to the doctor? Well, since my knee surgery in September... I am at a doctors almost weekly 2. ...went to the dentist? Last month 3. ...filled your gas tank? With the mileage my trucks gets... yesterday... and then tomorrow... and probably Tuesday 4. enough sleep? Today. I am a fiend for sleep on the weekends. 5. ...backed up your computer? Most of my music, picture and tab files are backed up, and some porn too. After going through so much, I am always mentally prepared to lose everything on my C drive at any moment. You should be too. via Friday Fives.

Wednesday, February 18

Why Gary Barnett should be fired

ok, I'll make this simple. First I should note I didn't go to school here in Colorado so I have no vested interest either way. But, I am going to tell you why Coach Barnett should be fired without question regardless of the outcome of the 8 zillion investigations on the team and team activities. There are two, and only two scenarios. Know this, Coach Barnett denies having any hand in or knowledge of the activities in question.

1) coach Barnett knew about strippers being hired and keggers being thrown for high school recuits and multiple allegations of rape and he is lying. So he should be fired for lying and covering up.

2) coach Barnett really did not know that high school recruits were having keggers and strippers and woman were being raped. If he didn't know this was going on right under his nose all these years he should be fired for being an idiot. A coach should know everything about his players comings and goings.

and for his response to the kicker saying she had been raped while on the team, for that the coach should be beaten half to death. Why? His response to the rape allegation was "she was just a terrible, terrible kicker". What an asshole.

The President is a liar and a Doofus

Ok, so the president said that we would add 2.6 Million new jobs this year. Well numbers came out last week that showed we managed to LOSE jobs overall in the last quarter, despite his rosy predictions. Now that it is becoming obvious that jobs aren't coming, the president is backpedaling. There are no more jobs coming soon, this is regrattably a 'jobless recovery'. But our president don't have the balls to say that, so he says, "I'm not a statistician. I'm not a predictor." Well what he should say is that he is an asshat. Between outsourcing and offshoring and all, the president isn't going to help us. Tax cuts aren't going to get you a job either. About the only way you are going to get a job through the benevolence of this adminstration is through Lockheed Martin. There will be plenty and plenty more about why NOT to elect him in times to come. Note I do not use the term 're-elect'