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Thursday, August 19

Friday Fives

1. Were you a good student in elementary school?
I was decent, but I certainly could have been better. Had I applied myself I would have been in those gifted classes, but I had no interest in that. Those people had no fun or joy in their lives. I regret how much I didn't learn in school. Like any kid, it wasn't a priority at the time. If I could go back to college now I wouldn't miss a class, or an opportunity to develop myself. Ok, I wouldn't miss as many classes.

2. What are some of the most overrated albums of all-time?
Well, I may get beat up for this... but I never got into the Stones. I have gone through about every other band as a phase, but the Stones just never did it for me. I can't remember a time when Mick wasn't a zillion years old. Don't get me wrong, their body of work is great! I could take 'em or leave 'em though.

3. Discussion: What's your weirdest or worst public-transit story?
There are a few, and they all involve Mexico. None of them are really bad, but they are all weird. To be brief, I'll tell you that on several occasions I have had to get out of an old Greyhound style charter bus (with all the other men) and push start it so the driver could pop the clutch. Seeing our relief driver come from the luggage rack under the bus was kinda freaky too. Also watched bus driver mow down a little volkswagon beatle. it was totally our fault. But the bus driver was this big burly guy and he got out and berated the driver of the bug until we walked away. Then our driver hopped back into the bus and took off before the Policia could even be called.

4. What is the closest thing you've done to becoming a stalker
Interesting you should ask. I am sitting in my car right now working off a laptop. I am in your parking lot looking up at your room. I know you are not in there yet. You are still watching TV. You will do that until about 11 pm, like you do every night. There is a brief window of opportunity as you walk in the room to go to bed. You take off your shirt and walk to the window to close the blinds. It is that brief glimpse that I cherish. Sleep well tonight you sexy stranger, and we will dance again at this time tomorrow. You complete me.

5. If animals could talk, what would they say to you?
Hey, you done with that? via Roy

Monday, August 16

the new Mullets

Remember how great it was to make fun of mullets? Those were good times, but we have to move on. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking
but Lono, making fun of others is how we inflate our own sense of self. Does this mean I should just go out and develop myself as a well rounded individual, instead of using social scapegoats to mask my own insecurities?
I am happy to report the answer is a firm no. Instead we are going to make fun of these guys. The best part about this site is that it is written by a very serious fan of the art form. So enjoy, and we'll talk again soon.

Sunday, August 15

Lost a bet

ok, I lost a football bet today regarding my beloved Broncos (who lost to the Bills, another beloved team). So my brother bet me that if the Broncos lost I would have to write ten things I like about President Bush. I am making this up as I go, but let's see what we can eak out here. Problem is, I can't think of anything likable about him... so I'll expand this to Republicans in general. 1. They are very organized 2. They are very resourceful 3. They are very rich 4. They don't infight like we do - they present a unified front 5. They think welfare is encouraging the wrong behavior, I agree 6. Their agenda is rarely hidden to me, I like that 7. You always know where a Republican will fall on an issue 8. Several of them worked hard to be so successful 9. They are easy to pick out in a crowd. It's the tall white guy with the blue blazer and the red tie 10. I like that they are so self involved and so oblivious to the concerns of regular people that they will soon be out of power.