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Thursday, March 2

Friday Fives - sleep study

1. How much sleep do you get a night on work nights?

8 to 9 hours


8 to 10 hours

3. Do you sleep nekkid?

Yes, don't you? I gotta be free, baby!

4. Do you sleep with anything on like: fan, tv, light, radio?

yes, and it may be strange. I have to have a fan on me. Even if it is negative 10 outside and the room temperature is 60 (which it often is at night in the winter, we let the heater power down until morning)... I have to hear a fan. I didn't realize it until we were traveling in Mexico and we were in a room and I couldn't sleep. It was because there was no fan, isn't that silly?

5. How important is sleep to you?

disproportionately so. I can't cope with mornings, and am an evening person. If you say "That is just because you need to change your habits" I will punch you in the throat. I am 33 and have worked every shift on the planet - graveyards, shifts that start at 6 am to shifts that start at noon (like my current shift). No pattern keeps me from being a night person. Trust me, like would be a thousand times easier if I were a 'morning person'. I hate 'morning people', and everything about them.

I read somewhere once that what time of day you were born impacts whether or not you are a 'night person'. However, I studied a LOT about sleeping, dreaming, REM cycles and all of that and think that theory is BS. This you are reading was written last night, because it is possible I am asleep right now. If I weren't, I wish I was. Isn't technology great?