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Friday, December 9

Friday Fives

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

in the woods

2. Did you follow through? If not, what happened?

reality, money, stuff like that. Plus, the woods are awful cold for the most part. I didn't take that into account growing up in Phoenix. So, now I just camp and fish when I can.

3. Is your life turning out the way you thought it would when you were a kid?If not, is it better or worse?

I guess I had a few visions of what I thought a cool grown up would be. I wanted to play guitar and have a truck. Analyze that, if you care. But, I do play guitar and drive a truck. Course, neither has done me much good... but girls are impressed that I can speak Spanish.

4. Paradoxes aside, if you could time-travel back to when you were 10 years old, what would you tell your 10-year-old self

pay attention in school, you little shit. Respect your elders if they give you respect. Appreciate wonder and art. Oh, and little Suzy Johnson across the street puts out. You are a little young to be worrying about that now... but in may come in handy in a pinch later.

5. Do you think the child you were, would like the adult you've become?

If my neices and nephews are any indication, I am a decently loved Uncle... so I am cool with that.

Wednesday, December 7

Gary Barnett

So, the Colorado Buffalos lost this weekend 70 - 3 on national tv. People are freaked out, and calling for his ouster. That is just terrific, we found something that will raise the ire of the Colorado citizenry. See, Barnett has been responsbible for a few scandals on the team: rape, prostitution, under age drinking, cover up of rape and prostitution, large scale embezzlement, and some historic mysogyny.

These issues are so big and serious and convictable that the university president Betsy Hoffman resigned in shame. That was a great moment for us here. If you know this site, you know there are a few things I hate. Gary Barnett & United Airlines mostly. Anyhow, the people of Colorado stood behind Barnett and his felonious regime. Things were all peaches and herb, we all looked the other way.

But then, something serious happened to turn the tides. Was it the financial improprieties of the organization realized a few months ago that cost the school and the sports program millions? Nope! They lost on national tv... really really badly. CU Buffs lost 70 - 3 last weekend. Now, people are calling for Barnett to be fired... and rumor's are that he already has been.

So, let's keep count. Rape? Embezzlement? Fraud? Prostituion? Distribution of liquor (and prostitutes) to underage football recruits? Check! None of these will cost you your job in Boulder... so long as you don't lose on national tv.

Keep in mind, this is the school who still has Ward Churchill on their payroll. Remember Ward? He said that the terror attacks on the US were deserved. Turned out he forged his painting and his academic work. Oh, he also lied about his heritage of being an American indian. The list goes on and on and on.

Long story short... I am heading up to Boulder for a job.