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Monday, November 17

pot in football, part ll

So Mike Anderson can't play football because he got high. However, Bill Romanoski can play football. Let's look at Bill's last two years. He gets busted for speed, obtaining it through a prescription in his wife's name. Still gets to play. Then he gets busted explaining to his teammate he takes the speed to 'keep up with the niggers'... and still gets to play. This year in training camp Romanowski beats a team mate senseless. The player is out for the year, and possibly for his entire career. The player is suing Romanowksi for damages as a result. Romanowski doesn't miss a game. Now he has been busted for steroids and nothing has happened yet. Yet I still get to see him advertising for Blowflex. Romanowski has taken himself out of the game because of excessive concussions, but otherwise is still drawing a healthy salary. Here is a commercial spot for the Raiders "Bowflex: the choice of today's wired up racist thugs" So this is ok, but a running back getting a little stoned on a day off is not?


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