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Wednesday, November 19



So, the geniuses at United are bankrupt, right? They drove the company right into the ground, right? So they figure the best way out is a low cost alternative. ok, I am with them at this point - lower the prices and air travelers will come. This is sound business. However, United decides not to lower prices... but instead launch a new low cost airline. Keep in mind, all this time they are bankrupt and haven't paid the city of Denver a penny of the taxes they owe or the gate fees at DIA.

Now, at this point I am thinking "Well, why not just save all that money of a new airline and new planes and just lower your rates to be competitive?". Well they do me one better when they launched 'Ted' yesterday. Ted is United's low cost fare alternative airline. But here comes the best part, are you ready? Seriously, you are not going to believe this...

Ted's rates are MORE expensive than both United's and Frontier's rates. For example, Ted charges $358 to fly to Phoenix. That is only a 90 minute flight. I just paid $290 to fly to London. This is more than stupid, it makes me angry. The reason being, Denver's economy and DIA's success are both closely linked to United. They are the one and only major airline operating out of DIA. So if you want a good value and a great company, fly Frontier Air, a company from Denver that we are proud of.

* update - Ted airlines only lasted 5 years.  Even better, Southwest Airlines came to Denver.