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Thursday, December 18

The Best in Rock

Since Rolling Stone started publishing their lists this year (100 best guitarist, 500 best albums...etc) people have asked me my thoughts on the whole thing. Why? Because I know more about rock than anyone, including those asshats at Rolling Stone. Of course, I still subscribe and learn a bit from the magazine. I'll give you a short list to everything. The best band ever in the history of anything: The Beatles, without question. Their music was all really good, they were extremely funny, they were rebels, and they revolutionized the music business and how everything is done. The best rock album: Appetite for Destruction. Sadly, Axl is one of those guys I kinda wish had died tragically young so we could sit and wonder 'gee, if only he were still alive. Guns would be the greatest band in the history of the world and would totally kick the Rolling Stone's asses.' No such luck, everyone in the band is alive and well and Axl is still an egomaniacal asshole who owns the name of the band and won't let anyone use it. Best guitarist? That is too tough a question, but I will not defer to Jimi Hendrix as most of my peers would. Instead, let me tell you the best guitarists I have seen in person... Jerry Garcia and Lindsay Buckingham. The most influencial album that changed my life: Siamese Dream from the Smashing Pumpkins. I am still waiting for the opportunity to meet Billy Corgan. Not to get an autograph or ask a long dormant question... but just to say 'Thanks!'.


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