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Thursday, December 11

Is Scientology evil?

Well that is up to you to decide. Are they a cult? Without question they are a cult, and a very litigious one. What brought this to my attention is a story of an Australian farmer who was bilked out of $230,000 by a Scientology owned dating service called 'Affinity International'. When the farmer was told he wasn't having any luck, the personal dating advisor offered to quit the service and move in with him, but only if he ponied up and additional $185,000 to the service. Details on this story are here. Now, generally I would cross reference such a piece as this with some great anti-scientology sites and reading... but this is not a group you cross. Seriously, I'll take on ticketmaster, the white house, god... anything. But, these fuckers are crazy and dangerous. If something remotely unpleasant were to be found here by a search from the Scientology organization...not just would this site be taken down but the whole of 'Blogger' would be crushed. So I encourage you to learn more. Just go to the great folks at google and type in the 'S' word a then something like 'cult' or 'evil' and see what comes up. Charlie Manson doesn't have anything on these folks. The good news is they aren't after you, because you aren't obscenely wealthy.


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