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Thursday, December 4

No Wesley Clarke for President

Why? Because he is a hawk, quite simply. He is a Republican in Democrat's clothes. He is not the answer for the democrats or America. I have been telling this to people and finally someone listened. Roy sent me this link, it is a well written story about Clarke that you need to read if you are a Democrat. If you aren't a Democrat, well then... ah don't even get me started. So currently I am favoring Dean, but am admittedly vague on the issues. I will keep you posted far too often on the effort to get a new administration in. All you have to do now is register to vote. Seriously, do it today. I don't care what your affiliation is or even if you vote Republican... VOTE. You can register at any DMV. It is quick and free. Do it, otherwise you and I are no longer speaking.


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