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Friday, January 30

Great Football memories

In honor the superbowl, we are doing our annual look back at great football moments. My buddy Louie mentioned to me that the Carolina game a few weeks ago in the playoffs was the best football game he'd ever seen. That game sucked, and only went into double OT because of three missed field goals. Good tension, but bad football. The greatest game ever played before my eyes was when the Buffalo Bills played a game that involved the greatest comeback in NFL history. This was probably about 15 years ago. I don't even remember the team they were playing (editor: it was the Oilers), but the Bills were down 35-3 at halftime. Their starter, Jim Kelly, was out injured (as seemed often the case). So they bring in their second string QB Frank Reich. Somehow he came back in the second half and won the game, it was insane. Remember this to impress your friends, the greatest comeback in the history of the NFL was engineered by a back up QB! The biggest regret I have about that game is that I was watching it alone. When a game like that happens, it is important to have your friends next to you so you can say "Are you seeing this? Is this happening? The announcer just said this is the greatest comeback in the history of the NFL". Worst football memory? It would have be one of the very many Buffalo Superbowl losses. Especially the one involving Scott Norwood. Also known to Buffalo fans as Scott Norwide, and Scott Norwouldn't. Watching football alone sucks, but you guys are still my friends, right? Cool, I'll be over Sunday.


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