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Friday, February 6

At what point does it become assassination? PT l

Honestly, I know I am treading on careful water... but at what point does someone getting shot become an assassination? I must be careful to even type these words, but this is an open discussion. If John Kerry were to be shot, that would surely be an assassination, right? However, if Dennis Kucinich were to be shot... it would just be reported that he was shot. I guess all I have to say about this is - if I am ever shot, please be a dear and report to the media that I was not shot but assassinated. Also, make sure the papers know the middle name of whoever shot me. Oh yeah, one last thing: have some Neil Diamond playing in the background. I am so tired of rock stars being tried for causing suicide (Ozzy, Judas Priest, Negativland, and Marilyn Manson have all been accused and acquitted). So for once someone should point the blame squarely where it lies > Englebert Humberdink!


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