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Tuesday, February 10

The worst actor EVER

Folks, we are here to discuss David Caruso, the worst actor ever... nay... the greatest over-actor of our time. He makes the show almost unwatchable. Almost, because it is a very well written show. So rather than continue my litany of insults... allow me to propose this: a David Caruso drinking game. Next time you watch CSI: Miami (don't worry, it's on almost daily) take a shot of liquor each time 1) he tears his sunglasses of his face to make a point, or 2) is wearing sunglasses indoors. You will be squarely toasted inside of an hour. One more thing, how does a detective afford a stainless steel Hummer? Dude would make about 45K a year. Thanks for listening, I feel much better. I don't much like the verbiage in the first sentence, but I this to be searchable under the phrase 'worst actor ever'.


Blogger Vixen said...

Great post. And your are so right.

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