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Friday, March 5

Democrats are all about spending and Big Government, right?

Myths about Democrats - second in a series Good afternoon and thank you for stopping by. Today we are going to tackle another pesky myth about Democrats: they are about big government and have no fiscal responsibility. Short answer, bullshit. Now here comes the long answer - The Federal Government under Bill Clinton was the smallest it had been since President Kennedy. Here are some quotes from economists: never mind, I edited most of them out because they are dry and ruin the flow of the piece... but they are there. Try here. They say things like this: As a result, the surpluses of the 1990s have turned overnight into the largest deficits in history and the size of the national debt is expected to double by the beginning of the next decade. In a nutshell, the current president has racked up spending like NO ONE in history... and not because of defense solely. According to the new numbers, defense spending will have risen by about 34 percent since Bush came into office. But, at the same time, non-defense discretionary spending will have skyrocketed by almost 28 percent. So the president is on a drunken spending binge. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, because our economic system has always been working out of debt. But, right now the economy is still in the shitter. Did I mention I was laid off three times in the last two years? Write that down somewhere, because surely it will come up again. We are at war with pretty much anyone who will listen. Schools are suffering terribly because 'no child left behind' didn't leave a penny for education. The president is spending 150 Million to re-elect himself. I know some schools who could use that money. No biggie though, because we are getting to a bigger (and funnier, I promise) concern. Now that we know we have the worst deficit in history and it will only get much worse... what is our president's solution? Seriously, you guys are not going to believe this. How can we start being more fiscally responsible? Shall we re-asses our priorities and take a good look at cutting corners? Maybe clipping coupons for a few months? Maybe we should just eat in for a couple of weeks. Do we really need four HBO's? How about leftovers this weekend instead of Red Lobster, right? How about auctioning off the Dakota's to Canada? Oh no... this is how we tackle the recession and the deficit and the war on terror in one fell swoop - WE ARE GOING TO MARS. 12 Billion dollars will be dedicated to get us to Mars. Are you shitting me? Did he really just say we are going to Mars? He didn't, because two sentences before he said "reign in spending". Tell me he was kidding, I can take a joke! The environment is being destroyed and at the same time the polluters are being protected from 'frivolous lawsuits'. The schools have no money. We are at actively at war with at least two countries that I know of, and we are bankrupt. By the way, I do this as a service to you... the reader. I do this for free! You don't want to read the things I read, so I dumb them down for you. Wanna know what these eggheads say in these articles I reference? Stuff like this > Luckily for Gore, the reinventors outnumbered the devolvers in the Pew sample by a margin of two-and-a-half to one. (editors note: Yes, they are all virgins) In conclusion, the mythos of Democrats being 'tax and spend liberals' is clearly and slanderously false. So... Mars, huh? Do you think they have any call centers? Because if they don't I am fucked.


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