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Sunday, March 28

Diaries: I just don't get it

So I am watching the news* tonight, and a story comes on about kids' diaries and their right to privacy. What I don't understand is, why in the world would you write down your innermost secrets into a book and then leave that book laying around? My background in Psychology tells me maybe there is some kind of unconscious wish for discovery, blah blah blah. However, there is simply no good reason why I would write anything down I did not want anyone to know about. Imagine: Dear Diary, today I poisoned the cup of my teacher again because I hate her. I hope I am never found out! Timmy L and Janey T were there too, and we all promised not to tell anyone about this as it is a felony... except our diaries. It is our secret pact! Do you see? No good can come from a diary. This doesn't mean I didn't have one. In college, I had several over the years. I called them 'journals' though... because 'diary' sounds kinda gay. Fortunately, I now have a much safer means of self expression... this blog. I say that with confidence because I can be assured no one is reading this. See that counter at the bottom? Those aren't real numbers, I think my therapist pads them for me by hitting refresh on his browser... because he feels he should do something for the $100 an hour he charges me. have a great week, we'll talk again soon * by 'watching the news' I mean I was watching porn and the tape broke again which shut down the VCR, leaving me watching broadcast television like a total toolbox. ** dear blog, did that piece seem a bit forced? By the way, don't tell anyone... but that new webmaster is a hottie!


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