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Monday, March 22

Greetings from the Motherland

Dateline: London - bad craziness afoot. I have fled the relaxation room because of crazed and drunken Germans playing the most violent game of foosball known to mortals. Not fun drunk... like me, but crazy drunk. Drunk that a 32 year old (as of today) may have thought fun when I was 16. I have walked the entirety of London three times, and I swear my feet are bleeding. Good news, in fleeing from the Luftwafte in the game room I was pushed to the internet cafe of the Hostel. It's near midnight and I am at a coin operated internet kiosk that says I have 13 minutes left on the two pounds I just put in (two British pounds equally roughly $4 us). Someone just came running through the lobby launching a fire extuinguisher at the staff and disappeared. There is probably about $100,000 in electonic equipment there that runs three local hostels... but no seems either bothered or even surprised. What the shit is going on here? Good news is that I have found a way around the last call of 11 pm in London. Every corner market sells strong cheap good cider for a pound a piece (meaning about $2 a piece, considerably cheaper than the going rate of $5 a beer after exchange rate). So this is my one and only post from England... tomorrow morning we take the Underground to the airport to fly out. A long day of traveling that begins at 8 am London time when we get up at the hostel until probably about 8 pm landing in Colorado. I dunno, it is an eight and a half hour flight and the time difference back is almost that... so maybe I land the moment I left. I don't care. I get on the plain and watch movies and drink profusely. British Airlines rules the sky, I wish we had them instead of United. talk to you more about all of this soon, with bunches of pictures, lono


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