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Tuesday, March 2

We can win this presidency

It just occurred to me yesterday, we can beat Bush out of office. Now, lets begin by looking at the last election - Al Gore received more votes. The tallies range from 662 more votes in Florida to estimations that he won the whole country by 500,000 votes We know this, and I don't even think a Republican would argue that. So, if everything were exactly the same as last time... one has to assume the Democrat will win. Now, the country has lost 2 million jobs since then... trust me, because I lost 3 of them personally due to outsourcing... and specifically 'Offshoring'. So if we look conservatively we could say a third of those might have voted Republican that wouldn't now... which makes 700,000 more votes for the democrat. Also, Sen Kerry actually fought in vietnam instead of weaseling out like Bush and Clinton... so dude is a war hero. So, barring Osame bin Laden being caught... we can win this election and get to fixing the destruction that asshat has done to our country and our international relations.


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