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Wednesday, March 3

Will a Democrat be tough on terror?

Myths about Democrats - first in a series So let's answer Captain Zero (and America's) concern. The concern is that a Democrat would be soft on terror and crime. I think this is crap. First off, Clinton put more cops on the street and lowered the crime rate considerably during his tenure. As for being soft on terror, let's be specific about the 'white elephant' in the room. The terror we are talking about is insano fundamentalist Muslims. So, will a Democrat be soft on radical Islamics? I don't think so. After 9/11 it is safe to say that we won't take shit from anybody because we all learned the hard way. Also, terror is too vague a word. The president is tough on terrorism! Well, no shit! Nobody likes terrorism - that is obvious, and to wage a war against terrorism is pandering. It also implies that anyone who isn't the president is implicitly NOT against terrorism. Clever, but false. Why not have a campaign mantra that says "I like puppies, and sunny days, and will be tough on those who oppose them"? So if Islam is at the heart of terrorism (and no, I am not making the analogy that all Muslims are terrorists. That would be both stupid and racist) then we need to take a look at our relationship with Islamic nations. The problem is, Islamic nations are where we get all of our oil. Oil is very important to our lives, we can't pretend that it isn't. Unfortunately, because of our oil dependency we have to call nations like Saudi Arabia our allies. It's not unlike how a cocaine addict has to deal with his dealer and all his cats. Unpleasureable to be sure, but a necessity. Now I am not calling for an and to oil dependency. Though that would be nice, it is not a real alternative in the short term. Right now we need to accept that we MUST have oil... and hold those accountable to provide it for us. They are not our allies. For example, though I can't stand all his cats... I was able to get my coke dealer to stop calling me 'assmunch' every time I came over. I explained "Mr. Elway, I am basically paying your rent... so at least stop calling me assmunch!" The Saudi government is repressive and I feel directly involved in terrorism because of our support of Israel (the jews) in the middle east. Saudi Arabia produced 15 of the 17 hijackers. The hijackers had nothing to do with either Iraq or Afghanistan - they were all Saudis. We like the Saudis because they have lots of oil and are willing to sell it to us. However, we need to be very weary of them in my opinion, and get them to stop calling us 'Assmunch'! So who will stand up to big oil? Well, not a president whose whole family is in the oil industry that is for sure. Now I am not making accusation of us inadvertently supporting 9/11 - but financially we support the Saudis. We bankroll their economy, and the Saudis are the terrorists we are concerned with. Needless to say, much more to come on all this. Please note going forward that rebuttals will be dealt with severely, Captain Zero (if that is your real name).


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