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Wednesday, April 21

The constitution sure is Rad!

Isn't the constitution great? It sure is buddy. It's what makes America what it is today! You know what is even better? The Amendments - they sure are: they stopped slavery, gave everyone the right to vote, got us booze back, gave us the fifth amendment (maybe it's me using that more than others), protects free speech (like this crap)... and most importantly protects our guns, right? Yay for our guns! I am so tired of liberal weinies and democrat pussies trying to take away the sacred second amendment. Yup, amendment 2 says not just should you have guns... but you should really start a militia. Yup, can't argue with that, it's bulletproof! Any good American would agree it's the greatest writing ever done... well maybe after the bible. Good news though, my little conservative friends: the constitution and its amendments also protect gay marriage! You have may been waffling on this issue, being as though both Sen Kerry and President Bush are against it. But some would say it is a civil right, just as voting or holding land. Good news, don't even give the issue a second thought. Gay marriage is protected by these very same wonderful documents. Well mister, if you are going to wave that goddamn second amendment around every two seconds... then meet my little friend Article 10. It says "The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution are reserved to the States respectively". So I went looking to the constitution to see the stance on marriage. Guess what? The term marriage is not mentioned in the entire constitution once. So, I checked the amendments and the word marriage was never mentioned once there either. So, by definition of Article 10 we must surmise that the issue is left up the states. This is a NON NEGOTIABLE point if you believe in the constitution. Consequently, it is neither Senator Kerry's or President Bush's concern about marriage... of any kind. Nutshell: if you believe in the rights to guns and booze, you best believe in the inalienable rights of gays too. Also know that if you seek an amendment to the constitution in order to patch up this loophole, you will also be forever eliminating this wonderful thing called state's rights. If you know your paranoid militia heritage (reference article 2 here), then surely you know the erosion of state's rights is about the worst possible thing that could happen to our democracy. Sorry for the heaviness. We'll do some dick jokes later in the week.


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