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Friday, April 30

Friday Fives

1. How are your map reading skills. What is your favorite "Road trip" memory? My map reading skills are solid. My favorite road trip memory would be when I was driving to Chicago from Nothern Arizona with my roommate. At the time I really needed glasses but didn't know it yet. Whenever I was driving, I would never pass anyone (into oncoming traffic). I explained I couldn't see far enough ahead to make that judgement (I mean, it's not like I am bionic). So after a bit of frustration he handed me his eyeglasses and said "see if these help!" So I put them on and all of the sudden I could see everything. It was at that moment I realized I really needed glasses. After that, for the rest of the road trip, we switched off. Whoever was driving got to wear his eyeglasses. 2. Have you ever shoplifted? Yes, when I was a kid. I was so wracked with guilt after I did it that I buried the toys (little matchbox cars) in the ground so no one would ever find them. I was also afraid to go into that store for about a year after that... thinking there was somekind of bounty on my head. 3. What is your first thought in your head in the morning? What was your last thought last night? first thought was 7:30 am "why am I up? I don't have to be to work until noon". So I went back to sleep. Last thought last night? Probably "geesh, I hope my dad doesn't read this peice below." Actually my family life rocks... I just thought the piece would be funny. Think of it as an amalgum of every single ABC after school special from the 80's. 4. What was your favorite children's television show? What is it now (children's show, that is.) Wallace and Ladmo. It was kids variety show of cartoos and stuff that was just in the Phoenix market. Favorite kids show now would be Spongebob. It's a cool show that I watch fairly often. It entertains without challenging, has decent morals, and no story line is longer than 12 minutes. 5. What's your zodiac sign? What year in the Chinese calendar were you born? Do you put stock in any of this? Aries. Don't know my Chinese zodiac cause I think it's all totally crap. via Roy.


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