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Tuesday, April 6

I just don't get it

I am frustrated. I feel that we are genuinely not wanted in Iraq by anyone. Now, why we are there or whether the war is moral, or whether there were WMDs is no longer the issue here. The issue is we are there now, and how can we help? I am frustrated for two main reasons right now. Here is the first: I understand that all Muslims aren't car bombers and terrorists. However, what I am NOT hearing from the Muslim community is cries denouncing all this behavior. Outside of Mohammed Ali speaking at the 9/11 concert, I have not heard a single person in the world stand up and say "This is not what we are about. This is not right by any means and we do not condone this behavior!" Now the second thing that frustrates me is this dude who is holed up in a Mosque in Fallujah (think Waco) because he ordered the brutal deaths of four American contractors last week. Then, he had their bodies torn apart, dragged through the streets (in pieces), and hung from bridges. That is obviously unpleasant and bad in and of itself, but it gets much weirder. The dude who ordered this was a Mullah (high priest) of the Shiite sect of Islam. Saddam was of the Sunni sect of Islam... and the two hated each other violently... and still do. These people have been killing each other for generations over which version of Islam is correct. This guy should be on our side! But the thing is, when we captured Saddam... one would think the Shiites would be stoked! I figured they would be kissing our ass because this invasion and ousting of Saddam gave them the opportunity to get a leg up. This is the case though. The Shiites are kicking the shit out of our servicemen and women. So, the Shiites hate us and the Sunni's hate us. Is there anyone who wants us there? I need to know. If only one person would say 'please, don't go' I would stay. Sadly though, that voice isn't coming. I don't think the Muslims want to be saved, I don't think they want democracy, and they sure are shit don't want us telling them what to do. So there is my dilemma, how do we help someone who doesn't want (or need) our help? Maybe the president is right and they are so racked with terror they are afraid to stand up to the bully terrorists. If that is the case, the president is right and we should 'stay the course'. However, I can't think of a worse leader in the history of America then our current president. I find him so untrustable and unspeakably evil... that I have to assume whatever he says about Iraq has nothing to do with his real agenda. Please know though, this piece has nothing to do with the president, or my issues with him. This is about us as world. I guess I had a similar moment when I was a child and I began to question everything about Christianity because it makes zero sense. I remember saying "god, if you are there and this stuff is true please tell me. I am wide open and could use some guidance, because this stuff in church seems to be some profound bullshit. I await your orders". Well, I never got a call back on that one. Still waiting. * look at that. I wrote a whole piece without cross referencing something else. This is 100% me, baby!


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