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Monday, April 12

I'm just sayin'

Listen, I know that we are in a drought. I know this is serious and our forests are in great peril again this year. I know we must conserve water... and that a lawn is about the lowest priority we have for water. However, here are some numbers that have been running around in my head. Agriculture in Colorado takes up 98% of the fresh water, and yet represents less than 2% of our Gross Domestic Product. "Residential use" of water takes less than 1% of available water. So if we tore out every single lawn in the entire state of Colorado, that would have less impact than one farmer tuning one sprinkler head. As for GDP, I just blew $100 this weekend on fertilizer, feed, lawn mower blade sharpening, & a little push spreader thing for the fertilizer. While I was doing all that we went out to lunch and spent some money in the community. In addition, if you have seen my water bill you would know I am contributing to the tax base like a mofo! So we must conserve water. But Mister, my lawn ain't the solution to our problem. * for the record, yes... this is the pettiest piece in the history of the blog. I'm a jerk, I get it.


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