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Monday, April 26

Michigan, the new home of Intolerance

Well friends, it has been a good run the last few years. The fight to be the most intolerant state in the US has really been heating up. Sure, Texas has always been a perennial front runner, but Colorado recently pulled up to number 1 after US Rep Musgrave (r) suggested we change the constitution to have gay specific language. Just recently, though, Michigan passed a bill that said doctors do not have to provide services if it conflicts with their religious philosophy. Read this, and tell me if your next thought isn't 'what the fuck?' The bill would allow health care workers, facilities and insurers to refuse to perform a procedure, fill a prescription or cover treatment they object to for moral, ethical or religious reasons Here, I crib the rest of my rant from a memo to my mentor Roy- Roy, have you seen this little gem? In Michigan a doctor could say such fun things as: I won't treat you for a bullet wound Rev Lono because my chart says you are an atheist I won't fill that birth control prescription for you Mrs. Lono because my chart says you are married... so you don't need birth control I can't treat you for A.I.D.S., because it means you're probably gay and that is against my religion Now, though these are extreme examples... this is the direction our country will go with a new Bush term. I just can't believe I haven't titled this whole piece 'what the fuck?'. Listen you guys, I don't ever swear here. Well, once on the scientologist piece... but let's see you get through 500 words on scietologists without uttering the 'F' bomb. You know what, I even understand what the argument would be that supports this. If you were smart and clever like me... that argument would mention Thoreau and civil disobedience and being moral being more important that 'laws'. Yes, and if you were great like me, your argument would also say something about Hitler and how what he did was technically legal... but if good Christians were empowered bla bla bla and then something about 'only following orders'. Guess what though, you'd still be SO very wrong. I don't even wanna hear it. I am freaked out and terribly offended by the whole concept of this law. Wanna know something ironic? I am not only a true atheist... but I am a legally ordained minister. By Michigan law that means I can refuse myself my own services. Wow, this is going to put a mondo ding in my masturbation schedule, because it is an immoral service I provide myself. You know what else is strange? I find myself writing a lot about gay issues recently. It would seem that about 70% of my most recent post have been about gay issues. I am not even gay, so do you know why I write about this? Because these are not gay rights issues, they are human rights issues. Bam! Did you see how I nailed that outtro? It put the whole piece into one concise sentence. I guess it kinda makes you wonder what the other 31 sentences were for in the piece.


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