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Tuesday, April 20

Register to Vote here

All, I have been thinking the last couple months how to address and drive home importance of your participation in society. I want you to vote, and I wanted to get that across with monster urgency. And, if possible, still be funny. Screw all that, just vote! Here is a terrific link that begins the process for you to register to vote if you are not already. It is free and it is easy. Also, most DMV's allow regsitration to vote whenever you renew your license. Please forward this information to any friends or family not registered to vote. I think we can get circulation of the blog up to 2! Believe it or not, it isn't even important who you vote for... as it is that you simply vote. If we can show politicians that people under 40 vote, maybe they will listen to us. Even if you want to vote for the devil, that is ok. See, you thought I was going to throw a George Bush link in there for 'devil', didn't you? That would be too pedestrian. In the meantime, please know this: If you do not vote... whatever your reasons are, I will kill this dog! and one more thing, America... I met baseball great Goose Gossage this weekend. Now let's see Mr. Fabulous top that!


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