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Monday, April 19

What I know

When I was 21, I remember looking back at myself in high school and how cool I thought I was at the time. I realized after some life experience of living on my own in college and stuff that I didn't know shit when I was 16. I felt wiser and more superior than my 16 year old self. Now in my early 30's I look back and realize I positively didn't know shit when I was 21. I had just gotten a little better at squeaking through school, scoring girls, and drinking (my main priorities at the time). What a waste of time, when I could have been learning more, or traveling more or... scoring more!. So I just want to save myself the troubles of the inevitable discovery coming when I am 40 and I'll say it now. I don't know shit about anything at 32. I'm just a damn fool bluffing my way through life. Don't tell anyone, especially my employees! Have a great week and we'll talk again soon.


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