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Tuesday, May 18

Ah crap, I liked him

Y'all remember Gary Sinise, don't ya? He was a great actor. He worked under the radar I guess, but you would know his face. He looks like someone who could be in every Tarantino movie... but somehow isn't. Think of a good looking version of Steve Buscemi. All the talent, none of the freakishly ugly facial features. I have to say I was a great fan of Sinise as a character actor because he was in the best movie ever made, Forrest Gump. Yes sir, that Lietenant Dan taught us alot about keeping our feet dry, figthing god on a shrimp boat, and most of all... ourselves. Anyhow, I am bummed because I just found out he gave up acting. Gary Sinise just walked away from the whole craft cold, with no explanation. He did this at exactly 9 pm Denver time, and he will be missed.


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