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Thursday, May 20

The best bad movie ever

Good news folks, the best bad movie ever is finally coming out on DVD! How best bad is it? Well, the movie was made in 1987 and it is just getting pressed to DVD for June 1st. Welcome Back Kotter episodes have been rushed to the market quicker than this flick. The movie in question (because to call it a film would be an insult to filmmakers) is Summer School with Mark Harmon. Let's take a quick look at some of my favorite moments in dialogue - scene > Mark Harmon sitting with his golden retriever sharing a jar of peanut butter on the porch "You know what we need Wondermutt? I mean, besides bread... a woman who appreciates us!" I already have June 1st set aside to buy this gem. One can only assume it won't be more than $14, and my guess is that it won't be in letterbox. Do yourself a favor and watch this gem. Wait, don't even bother to spend the $3 to rent it. Come over to my place and we'll watch it on the home theatre (what a waste of surround sound, this movie was made for $47). Bring a lot of beer, you'll need it to stomach some of Kirstie Alley's best bad acting (this was back when she was hot). In order to personally further Harmon's acting career (cause law dramas are beneath him), I think I'll post this whole piece up to Amazon. I am sure they will all be eternally grateful. * Update - amazon is listing it already as 5 star review, and yet it retails for $12.99 new. Now you see why I don't much go to the movies. Shit, for $12.99 I can't even go see a movie with my servants. Plus, last time I got drunk at the theatre things didn't go well. I guess you can't just pause the movie every 15 minutes for a pee break, well you can at my house, baby! Next up on the wish list of great bad movies... Anthony Edwards in the classic, brilliant, and barely watchable 'Gotcha', which has still not been pressed to DVD. Because you have been so good, you get a bonus dialogue chunk Judge: "Can I see your ID, son? Now, you are telling me you were a black Vietnam veteran in 1966?" Chainsaw, a 16 year old lanky white kid: "yes sir, a war puts a man through many changes" * congratulations to me on my 100th post. Do me a solid and skip the first 60ish


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