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Thursday, May 6

Boycott Disney

Just kidding. I mean, how could we boycott Disney if we tried? They own ABC, ESPN, and... well... Disney. Even with all my righteous indignation, I could never walk away from Monday Night Football. You should know though, they are EVIL. Disney has decided to completely shut down the release of a new movie because it criticizes the president. There is no real news here on many levels... you probably know that I love Michael Moore's work. It is no secret, I regard the man as a mentor. I have met him and seen him on multiple occasions. You probably also know that I am not on the president's short list of advisors. Anynow, Michael Moore put together another political documentary. This one, Farenheit 9/11, is about the long history of the White House's relationship with the Saudi's (er... hijackers). Also, it details the long time relationship between the Bush oil dynasty and the Bin Laden oil dynasty. The film is finished and will be screened in Cannes next week. You might note that Moore's last film, Bowling for Columbine, was the first documentary EVER to win best of show at Cannes. Well anyhow, the motives are arguable. The NY Times says it is because Florida (think Jeb Bush) could lose a buttload of tax money by angering Disney suits. The long and short of it to me is that enemies of George Bush are silenced! You thought Vince Foster was a scandal, let's take a look: When White House advisor James Woolsley criticized the president's intel on the WMD Uranium from Africa story, the president's possey outed the guy's wife as a CIA undercover operative. No, seriously... they put this woman's life in danger to make a point. This isn't Vince Foster type theories, folks... this is fucking batshit crazy fear type tactics that only Hunter Thompson could have envisioned. How about when Howard Stern (a longtime proponent of the war in Iraq) came back from a long weekend after reading Al Franken's book? Stern began to question the motives of the president and was quickly and immediately removed from all Clear Channel radio stations. Now a very succesful author (New York Times best seller list for 6 months) and hugely successful movie maker has been silenced. I guess I can only wonder this, what is it that Bush is afraid of us finding out? I mean, we know about the cocaine, the DUI, the ditched military service, him losing his pilots license, the lies about weapons of mass destruction, the horrible economy, the fact that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 ...(I think you get the point)? Then what more could possibly come out of this presidency worse than what we know? It makes me long for the days when the worst problem in the whole wide world was a blowjob our president got. No one died for that little lie. In closing, this is what we know about the president... and it terrifies me. So can you imagine what is in Moore's movie that he doesn't want us to know? Geesh that was long, my apologies. However, know that I am aware I started with a piece on Disney and ended with another Bush bashing piece. I guess the moral here is that dude is ruining EVERYTHING. I wish I was sitting here argiung about the best solo in rock, like my contemporaries... but we can't stop or smile or breathe until we get rid of this president. take care, we'll talk on Friday... I don't have any more energy for moral outrage for at least another day.