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Thursday, May 13

a conversation with our Thousandth

We found him! Our one thousandth reader, and it was an unlikely 'fan' of the site. It is White House spokesman Scott McLelland. He joins us this afternoon for a little chat. Welcome Scott, what do you think of our little site? Well, everything is see is lies and slander. Contrary to your little world, polling shows us that this is not the kind of discourse Americans are interested in. So, you feel our site is about lies? I never said that. That is a distortion characteristic of your journalistic style and lack of ethics. So then, you are accusing me of lying about you being a liar... by definition then you calling me a liar? We never said that. You have taken the information out of context (again). What I said about your site is that I question the veracity of your 'information'. My intern tells me that actually most of your hyperlink reference sources go to a picture of a monkey typing. That is hardly 'Elavating Social Discourse' as your site claims. There seems to be some hostility here, so let's just cut this short with one last question. Is there anything you would like to communicate to our readers on behalf of the administration? Yes, there is a lot we could talk about and I think your readers would be interested to know. However, if history is any indication you will simply misquote me and distort our good intentions. On a note of relief for all of us, it is clear that your target demographic doesn't vote... so say whatever the hell you want. * epilogue. I recorded the entire conversation with Mr McLelland this morning, and have archived it for you to hear here.


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