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Wednesday, May 5

Don't forget, everything is probably good with you

Hey all, you know I take this the opportunity to usually bitch and complain about stuff. For example, you know I hate this president, and... often I am funny. Don't forget though, that things are good for us. By virtue of you reading this, it tells me that you are either at home on your computer, or at work. Well, if you are at home then you are safe and warm. You clearly have shelter, electricity, free time to peruse the internet, and some disposable income. Unless you are online looking for food recipes, I'll also assume you are fed. Life is clearly good then, is it not? If you are at work, you are employed! Lemme tell you, that is something these days! If you are a veteran to my site, you may remember my pices on offshoring, or my many litanies about being laid off (thrice, but I swear I am almost over it!). So, seriously, by the very fact you are reading this means things are better for you than probably 90% of the world. Be glad and be a good person, because you have so much more than you realize going for you. You have me! So be good, and know that to close I won't sell you out like some shitty chain mail. I absolutely can't stand things that end like this: 'if this meant nothing to you, please delete.... but if this touched your heart, please send it to five friends". Goddamn, I hate that horseshit. Don't worry, keep your job and take care of your friends. In the meantime, here is all you need to know - I love you, and vote Democrat!


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