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Wednesday, May 12

The kids are alright

Too many of us are concerned that the next generation is shit. It has always been that way, since people freaked out about the long haired Beatles and Elvis' hips were banned from television. I come from gen x, for whatever that is worth. These kids today though, with their gangs, their Snoop Dougs, their guns, their internet, and that hip hop. There isn't a decent kid in the whole batch! A bunch of felons and degenerates, as my grandfather would say. You are going to let these kids run the world and pay into my social security? We are doomed, doomed I tell you. But, never start a sentence with a preposition. But, along comes this news. You think of gangs as illiterate hoodlums, don't you? Read this, turns out they are tomorrow's CEOs. "Using their home computers, the gangs traded insults in a profanity-laced chat room, then decided to fight, setting the time and the place over the Internet", Garland police officer Joe Harn said. Well kudos to these kids. If they have the means to have a PC in their home, and a comfort level with technology to use it as a tool for anything (even if it is brutality)... good on them! To me, this shows initiative, drive, and creativity to resolve conflict. If I were a parent, I'd be proud. This, of course, being one of many reasons I am not a parent. Pete Townshend was right!


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