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Sunday, June 27

Dispatches from the Road - 1

So, yesterday, I was at the salt flats outside of Salt Lake City. This is the place where they do all the landspeed records. It looks like the desert, but the ground is... you guessed it... salt! There was no earth, there was no dirt. Everything underfoot was white salt, as far down as you can see. As you can imagine, I licked my finger and touched the ground and tasted it. It was salt, not earth. Frankly, this freaks me out. Then, I remembered something. Utah is a great hub of religious crazies. Don't worry, I am not singling out our Latter Day friends at all. It is just where I happened to be yesterday so it was on my mind. I vaguely remember something about the bible, where god was super angry at someone and turned them into a pillar of salt. Isn't that right? Was that Gomorrah or something? Anyhow, I think god found out about this latter day saint gibberish and went on a smoting spree across the land here. Seriously, take a look at a map and find the Great Salt Lake. See if it is anywhere near an ocean, then see if there is anything like that in the world. God is angry with Utah, my friends... an in no short time the good people of Utah will be angry with me. Am in Tahoe now, will write again in a few days from San Francisco.


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