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Friday, June 4

Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite drink recipe? This is a remnant from college. It's 100% original and is called a 'Lono'. Take 1 shot malibu rum, half shot bacardi 151. Finish the glass off with Sprite and leave a Grenadine floater. It is more than delicious, it's terribly effective. If you want to sustitute Capt Morgans for the 151, then you have a 'Sailing Lono' 2. What is your favorite comfort food? anything deep fried then dipped in ranch 3. What is your favorite comfort song? anything by James Taylor 4. In a world without television, what do you do on a rainy/snowy day? play guitar, get the fireplace going, and drink with friends 5. Rabbit's foot or horseshoe? What is your lucky totem? um neither, besides my dead grandmother's left pinky toenail. I was kidding there. I ain't too supersticious. via Roy


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