Liberals treat dogs like people, Conservatives treat people like dogs

Friday, June 18

Friday Fives

1. Describe your handwriting in one word. Doctor-like 2. What would you never, ever wear? the color orange 3. What are you going to drink this weekend? Try to find a picture of it so we can all salivate at work. vodka, less calories and supposedly gentler hangover 4. Which bands or artists do you absolutely loathe? I find almost the entirety of Country and Electronica to be intolerable. Old country is cool though, like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Music was good before videos, because people didn't have to be pretty, just talented. Geesh, that is possibly the most obvious and overused cultural assesment ever to find it's way onto these pages. I promise to be more insightful and obscure going forward. 5. What words always creep you out or bug you? penis - a terribly yucky word, and does no justice to thefamily jewel via Roy click on comments and add your own Friday Five answers


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