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Saturday, July 3

The Clinton Book

So, I read the Clinton book. ok, I listened to the Clinton book... six and a half hours of audio CDs read by the author himself. I enjoyed it. I should preface by saying I like Clinton, so I expected to enjoy it. However, it was alarming in his lack of candor about all the scandals. He only mentions a scandal if he was exonerated of it. The book is basically just 6 hours of him touting his accomplisments in office, which were considerable. I wanted to hear more about: the missing Rose Law firm billing records, travelgate, Gennifer Flowers, and all the other hoes. I say that last sentence with fairness, because in referring to the Lewinski issue he says "his old demons returned". What demons Bill? For shit sake, man... we have 900 pages here, so dish a little. Dude is most famous poon hound in history... I want tales of debauchery! All in all I very much dug it, but what else does one do on a 12 hour drive across Wyoming and Utah? As I said above, Clinton narrarates himself. He has a great speaking voice. I got it at King Soopers for $20 the night before we left (impulse buy). Should you buy it? Nah, just borrow mine.


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